ZZ Powder Coaters are a family-owned business with vast experience in the marine and aerospace industries. We've chosen to work with the guys at ZZ due to their strong reputation for providing high quality and reliable services. They specialize in powder coating and high temperature ceramic coatings and work to the most stringent MIL Spec and Federal Standards.


We are incredibly proud to cast our Aluminum product in the USA at Mystic River Foundry. They specialize in practical casting solutions to complex Geometry. , whether re-casting broken parts without patterns or producing cost effective short production runs.


MakeHaven, Inc. is a not-for-profit, membership-driven organization, gathering place workshop for makers, creators, tinkerers and dreamers. The environment supports the development of and collaboration on a wide variety of projects, including: prototyping, fabrication, mechanics, electronics, crafts, art, and woodworking. Through free public events, skill building workshops and the independent projects of our membership, MakeHaven enables people to make things.